'The GuestBoard - 5x12 equals 60 years of CO2'  #MakeAChoice #ShareYourVoice'

An interactive mirror work with hashtag magnets and the Keeling Curve applied on its surface with varnish: 1958 - 1918, a graph of accelerating atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration.


'Untitled Dreams'. A shamanistic video sculpture with references to the dreamcatcher, climate change and it’s political environment of beliefs.


'SPATIAL TIDE - There is no Time. There never was and there never will be'.
Video sculpture with sound & objects in plaster of Paris.

'THE TUNE'. A sound sculpture with futuristic references to plastic garbage and environmental change. Shell made out of acrylic. Pipe with folio, plaster, and sand. Inside a Bluetooth speaker playing a tune (loop, 1 min. 05 sec.)  

'FOSSIL & COMPOST' - Photographic prints transferred and combined with mixed media


'DRIFTING SWEEP' exhibition pieces: Sleeping Beauty PS. Wind up my beauty sleep
- Photographic pigment print transferred on acrylic with mirror-film and a music box 


Exhibition pieces from the right to left: 'Try again, Butterfly'
(photographic pigment print transferred on canvas), 'Sleeping Beauty PS. wind up my beauty sleep' and 'Fly away little bird' (photographic pigment print transferred on canvas).

'ON THE THRESHOLD' exhibition pieces - photographic pigment print transferred on MDF-board with a thick layer of gesso.

At the top, from the left to the right: Motherhood (1974), Strongman (1975x2)

Below, from the left to the right: Contacting surface (1974, 2008), I fell silent (1977, 2008)




On The Other Side (2008x2)